101 ways to spend a holiday in a fun way

Are you preparing for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or corporate event? Any celebration should leave pleasant impressions and warm memories. Therefore, that after the event you were not haunted by déjà vu, scripted holidays should be memorable elements.

Creative master class will certainly be a highlight of your holiday! This type of entertainment is very useful and in demand lately, and interest to it is constantly growing. Guests will feel like real artists or decorators, and feel the joy of the creative process and discover new talents. Your party will be bright and will be remembered by all present!

What are the advantages of master classes?

Master classes are still an unusual element of holiday entertainment. In addition:

  • Organizers fit easily and creatively into the overall atmosphere of any holiday party;
  • Joint creativity – the best way to unite not only children but also adult employees of the company, turn the group of colleagues into a friendly team;
  • guests of the event for a while become experts in various areas of arts and crafts;
  • the cognitive aspect is included: acquaintance with the history of making this or that handicraft, the traditions of the craft, etc;
  • guaranteed pleasure from the process and an unforgettable experience for all guests;
  • learning a fascinating creative world will find a new hobby.

The list of corporate master classes offered is very large. Therefore, we will briefly tell you about the most informative and fascinating options, so that the search for the appropriate idea for your event does not take a lot of time.

Children’s master class for a birthday party

It is difficult to surprise a modern child with a beautiful cake with candles and entertaining programs with animators. One way to make a holiday interesting and unusual – exit master classes, where each child will get acquainted with a new kind of creativity and create an unusual and beautiful gift with their own hands. A birthday party in a cafe, at home or outdoors – a creative master class from our school will fit into the format of any event and will diversify the program of your children’s party!

Corporate master class

Teambuilding is a modern way to form a cohesive team, where each team member finds his place and is able to reveal his talents to the maximum. For such an event perfectly suit such master classes as drawing a common picture, or drawing different pieces of one. These options create an environment for free informal communication, promote corporate bonding and teach teamwork.

Pottery master class

A pottery class is not only ideal for creative souls, but also will not leave indifferent those who have never been involved in applied art. Such a master class is suitable for both adults and children. This is a great opportunity to diversify your holiday and introduce guests to one of the oldest folk crafts, making an exclusive souvenir in the form of a cup, vase or saucer with your own hands. Moreover, guests can take such a nice souvenir as a keepsake.

Plein air in nature

The term ‘plein air’ means painting outdoors, outside the walls of the room. Needless to say the plein air, birdsong, the rustle of leaves and the sound of wind that accompanies painting in the open air. If you are still puzzling over how to make a holiday in nature more original and fun, you should pay attention to this master class. You can choose a technique in advance: watercolor master class or oil master class, and the organizers will provide participants with all the necessary materials.

Studio master class

If you want to get together and spend some creative time, and you don’t have a special occasion or place, come to the studio of the art school. Together with the teachers you can engage in various kinds of art: drawing, modeling with polymer clay, creating a common picture, visit a pottery master class and much more.

The main thing is not to be afraid, but to try and remember that in every person lives a creative nature.