Organizing events and activities is always associated with a lot of trouble. But it is even more difficult when you have to organize a closed event. About what difficulties can be encountered, how to avoid them, knows exactly the event-agency, which has this experience.

Why do you hold closed events?

Birthdays, weddings and other celebrations usually involve a large number of invited guests. People willingly take photos, shoot videos to share them with loved ones, in social networks.

But it happens that not all parties or guests want to advertise their presence, to expose the details of the party to public discussion. In such cases, it is very important to ensure complete confidentiality. Why?

The attention of journalists.

Famous personalities, for example, are constantly “in the crosshairs” of journalists, who do not let them breathe freely. For them, a private party is the only way to relax, be yourself and just enjoy the party.


One of the most common reasons. For public and successful people, it’s a way to finally feel free from the constant presence of personal security.


At any event, unexpected unpleasantness is possible. For example, a scandal, the details of which must not leave the walls of the event.

What does “closed event” mean?

  • The observance of full confidentiality from beginning to end;
  • The absence of unwanted guests, including journalists;
  • Photo and video shooting, which is conducted by cameramen and photographers of the agency. They do not make copies and pass the finished material personally in the hands of the customer;
  • A complete ban on the disclosure of the list of guests, details of the event, photo / video personnel and invited guests.

Why is not everyone willing to take on the organization of a private event?

Not every holiday event management company will be able to handle such complex tasks. What’s more, not everyone agrees to it. And it’s easy to explain.

  • You need to have successful experience and technical capabilities.
  • In the case of a “puncture”, the company’s reputation will be irreparably damaged.

Therefore, if issues of privacy for you are as important as a flawlessly planned and executed event, it is worth using the services of a professional event-agency.

  • A high level of service and complete confidentiality are the main conditions of cooperation.
  • Extremely valued and respected the desire of clients not to divulge details of the holiday, so we publish in the portfolio only those photos that they have agreed to.
  • Such an agency has everything necessary to ensure complete protection of the event from outsiders and prevent leakage of any information.
  • The agency knows how to check the absence of any recording or photographic devices so as not to offend any of the guests.
  • Agency contractors, selected and carefully vetted attendants, never pass on information about the details of the party and guests to third parties.