Autumn wedding

Everyone has probably heard that the fall season is the second most popular season among newlyweds after the summer one. It is not for nothing that Pushkin’s time attracts young people to choose in their favor. Ours is about the first half of fall, of course. It has a number of obvious advantages.

The benefits of an autumn wedding

Natural locations of stunning beauty


The red crimson of aspen trees, trimmed with a golden halo of birches, is interspersed here and there with the green of firs and pines. It’s the perfect backdrop for a nature photo shoot. The weather allows the bride to feel comfortable in her wedding dress, and the groom in a ceremonial tuxedo, no longer hot. Pesky insects are not active, and the first frosts are still far away. The blue piercingly transparent sky and motley lawns of green and yellow grass create picturesque landscapes of fairy-tale beauty. The mottled fall backdrop opens up a wide range of colors in holiday decorations. Mustard and yellow, burgundy and greens in every possible shade, blue and white – any palette is appropriate in an autumn landscape.

Flowers and food

The wedding bouquet of the bride, seasonal floral arrangements in the design of the banquet hall, fall will cost you less. Dried leaves, dried flowers, stacks of straw and compositions of cane or ears will be a fine addition to the festive interior, will give the space an atmosphere of coziness and dilute the ceremonial officiousness with a hint of country. When compiling a festive menu, it should be taken into account that all products considered seasonal are available in a large variety and, most pleasingly, at low prices. So the abundance of fruits and vegetables can be applied not only in dishes, but also in interior paraphernalia. Pumpkins, fruit bowls, and vegetable baskets will all fit nicely into fall interiors.

The bride’s dress

Light summer dresses are canceled, it’s already cool for them. But there is a wide scope for complex cut and original design. Closed models with layered drapery, abundantly decorated with flowers and tracery, sleeves and collars of unusual shapes, voluminous flounces from organza – autumn will accept everything. In the autumn a happy bride can look really royal and not feel discomfort from the heat or stuffiness.


The trick is that in the second half of September in the resorts ends the velvet season, and prices for holidays go down sharply. However, it is still warm and there are a few weeks before the rainy season and falling temperatures, so it is quite realistic to have time to go on a honeymoon and save the budget for the newlyweds. Tunisia, Cyprus, or Spain are fine, and central Europe is also very beautiful at this time of year.


Yes. Our ancestors preferred to get married at the end of the harvest or in February after Epiphany, but before Lent. However, it was the autumn time that was considered the most auspicious. The harvest symbolized prosperity and well-being.

Cons of an autumn wedding

1. The weather again

The same golden autumn – the eye candy – can easily let down by a gusty wind and sudden rain. So for the photo shoot, just in case, it is appropriate to prepare an additional area indoors, of course, decorated in autumnal style, with an abundance of gold and red, garlands of warm yellow light and candles. The bride could use a replacement pair of shoes, closed shoes or ballet shoes for the street and scarpins or enkle straps for indoors.

2. No discounts

More recently, the fall season was not particularly popular for weddings, and we could hope for no queues at registry offices, as well as a decent discount on the rental of a banquet hall, photographer, chef, etc. Now the situation has changed in the opposite direction. Given the many benefits of having a wedding in the early fall, many couples are planning their wedding for this time. Keeping this in mind, apply early and don’t count on substantial discounts on wedding favors. With late fall, such as November, the situation is the opposite, of course, but most of the pluses of the season are also missing.

A few creative ideas for a fall wedding party

  • Wedding arch

For the photo shoot, you can build a circular arch of wicker branches decorated with dried leaves, flowers, and rowan branches, hang lanterns on it, and place candles around the perimeter. Of course, the construction should be entrusted to wedding professionals, but the result will not disappoint you.

  • Invitations

No one is surprised by maple leaves in an envelope anymore, but only if the leaves are not cast in bitter chocolate and the invitation is not written on them in caramel. The invitation is placed in a box with a sprig of hazelnut and a duplicate on vintage paper.

  • Menu

Autumn is quite cool, which implies a wide range of hot dishes. To traditional meat dishes, berry sauces made from lingonberries or cranberries are excellent. They don’t have to be sweet; a good cook can make them spicy, sour or with a bit of bitterness. Not only will this perfectly accentuate the autumn theme, but it is sure to be a non-trivial treat for guests. The whole variety of fall vegetables can be grilled. An autumnal sweet treat is apples and pears in caramel and chocolate-covered nuts.

  • Autumn Boho Wedding

A topical style that is gradually replacing rustic and eco. Boho is convenient because it is based on eclecticism, i.e. a mix of bohemian vintage, eco motifs, provocative luxury of art deco and folklore elements. The colorful vinaigrette of styles perfectly combines with the autumn riot of colors and gives complete freedom of creativity to implement the most daring ideas.


In conclusion, I would like to note that despite the maximum number of advantages, the inexhaustible ocean of ideas and the widest field for experimentation, which leaves lovers of the autumn period, it is still not worth neglecting the services of professionals. If the budget allows the newlyweds-to-be to contact a professional organizer, hire a screenwriter, designer, photographer and other professionals of the wedding celebration, do not neglect this opportunity. Qualified professionals will not only make your celebration unique, but also save you from a bunch of organizational problems, and you can focus on each other, quietly waiting for the cherished day.