Modern cinematography gives the opportunity to show a very vigorous imagination in composing the script of corporate parties, the main for which are various extreme and sports competitions.

The format can be very different. We can send you to the snowy forest where you will survive, like Leonardo DiCaprio. Oscar is not promised, but the prize of hot tea and porridge, you certainly get.

We can take you to an area where various factions that have emerged among the survivors of the apocalypse are running rampant. And try to traverse the Road, like the hero of the movie I Am Legend, to reach a place where the sun shines brightly in the blue sky.

Or, become participants in a quest to discover the secret knowledge bequeathed to us by Indian tribes when you have to wade through a real jungle, looking for clues and the right routes. “Fort Boyard will seem like the easiest challenge of your life.

What do I need to know about extreme corporate parties?

Most often, this is a costly event in its organization, so we recommend story-themed corporate parties for a limited group of people. For example, for top management.

Particular attention should be paid to the organization and conduct of extreme corporate parties to the safety of life and health of participants, so thought of every detail in the preparation of tasks and obstacles to get them to go people with any level of training, or with the help of other participants.

The entire program consists of parts, evenly distribute the load on the body. Extreme – is always a lot of adrenaline, and its level from the medical point of view should still be controlled. That is why strenuous, difficult tasks always alternate with rest or intellectual calm stations.

Besides original thematic events we can offer you classical extreme activities: kayaking, quad bike rally, hiking in difficult terrain, master classes of parachute jumping or helicopter driving.

In addition to the activities on the territory of our country, we can arrange an extreme quest in the jungle or desert, or just in a foreign country, where the stay is already extreme for unprepared person.

If you are a risk taker, but prefer the classics, the company’s departure to the ski resort and organization of competitions in downhill skiing or snowboarding can be a nice bonus for the employees of your company on a corporate vacation. These sports, despite their popularity, are still listed as extreme.

Corporate Extreme

Friends, bring active recreation in the masses! It is time to change the world view and turn the concept of corporate parties upside down! Too much time the standard office worker spends at the computer, too much dusty paper in accounting and personnel departments. But what about rest, where to gain strength? General drinking only worsens the already deplorable situation. If you are the right manager or employee who has long wanted reform in your beloved company, read, dig in and implement!!!

The modern manager attaches great importance to the microclimate in the team, because the success of the company directly depends on it. More often than not, employees are so immersed in solving narrow tasks that they hardly ever communicate with their colleagues. Lack of team spirit and a sense of unity hinders the full development of the company.

An experienced manager tries to rally the team in any way possible. Conceives team building, invites psychologists and trainers, organizes corporate parties. However, modern corporate parties, feasts and parties do not match the modern spirit of development. It is important that employees were able to open up, showing all their strengths. According to psychologists, a person can show his true face by getting out of his usual comfort zone. That’s why the corporate extreme so quickly gaining popularity.

Each of us has dreamed at least once to jump with a parachute, overcome turbulent rapids of mountain rivers, plunge into the water world with scuba diving or go into the sky in a hot-air balloon. But we always lack something to make our dreams come true: courage, support, company, time, or money. If this kind of fun is practiced on a team, many employees will discover their hidden potential. It will be much easier for them to make bold decisions and take responsibility for the most courageous deeds.

It’s very important to move the celebration of company dates from restaurants to nature. Let it be climbing a mountain, rafting on a river, or traveling for days. It is necessary that all employees feel part of the team, which works as a single mechanism. In such a non-standard environment it is always easier to find a common language, and to make new friends among longtime acquainted colleagues.

Frequent corporate outings will make the team strong in spirit and healthy physically. The more emotions employees experience together, the more productive their joint work in the team will be.