The organization of holiday events for the staff of an enterprise or a large company can be a real headache. We want the holiday to be bright, memorable, and at the same time no one was bored with it.

And even better to be able to avoid various troubles associated with tipsy guests, unforeseen malfunctions. What should be taken into account to prepare and conduct corporate New Year’s Eve not to turn into a disaster?

The main components

It is important to remember that the traditional tangerines on the table, Olivier, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are no longer of particular delight to anyone. Moreover, they evoke sadness and melancholy. The main component of success – the ability to surprise guests, make them forget about how they celebrated collective holidays before. Other important considerations include the following.

You should always take into account the number of invitees.

It does not matter – there are 10 or 100 people. It is necessary to hold a New Year’s corporate party in such a way that each of them felt part of the holiday, was surrounded by the attention of others. In accordance with this, competitions and entertainment are selected.

Carefully prepare the festive menu.

It’s better to ask everyone in advance – who and what dishes they prefer. This will help to avoid situations where some of the guests remain hungry or dissatisfied with the menu. And also it will allow to know who has what allergies, who prefers vegetarian cuisine. A full and satisfied guest is half the success.

Think well through the idea of the holiday.

Yes, the main theme is New Year’s Eve. But even that can easily be turned into a stylish themed party. The theme for the New Year’s Eve party can be anything, even the most unexpected. Why not change tradition and celebrate New Year in the Hawaiian way, for example? A great way to distract from the cold and not too attractive landscape outside the window.

You can save on anything, but holding New Year’s Eve corporate parties without a photo area is doomed to failure in advance.

Take into account its choice particularly carefully: it should be stylish, original, correspond to the party topic, the style of the entire company, harmoniously complement the interior at the venue. That is, the photo area should be unique.

Look for the original location.

All the team will be pleased to get out of the usual office, relax and have fun in a pleasant atmosphere of a cafe, restaurant or even a country villa. If there is no such a possibility, then at least it is worth to decorate the office space, to change it to the maximum.

The organization of corporate parties for the new year: what you definitely shouldn’t do

Along with what should be done, it is worth noting those moments that are definitely better to avoid.

Do not use other people’s ideas and scenarios, especially from the Internet.

Surely some of your colleagues have already seen them or even participated in something similar. The guests will get bored for sure and try to leave the party quickly.

Avoid competitions which can make the guests look ridiculous and silly.

This is a sure way to ensure that at all future corporate events, they will find a reason not to come.

Do not take everything on yourself.

Even if you work in a small team with 20 people or less, do not take upon yourself all the cares of the organization. Remember that one head is good and two or three is better.

Why is it worth ordering a New Year’s Eve corporate party?

A busy schedule, preparing and holding New Year’s Eve corporate parties is extremely difficult to combine. Add to this the need to find the time to find a suitable outfit to understand why now all the organization and holding are trusted to the professionals of EasyEvent. However, in favor of this decision, there are several good reasons.

It is always a guarantee of vivid impressions.

For each holiday here looking for new ideas. The best creatives come up with unusual Christmas themed parties, scripts for them.

Here they always take into account all the small details that can spoil the holiday.

Trusting them, you will definitely not be upset with the menu, serving or the color of napkins – everything will be executed at the highest level.

They can help you with the choice of venue.

They will choose the best location for you, organize New Year’s corporate party out of town or within it. If necessary, they will coordinate the event in a public place with the city authorities.

The holiday will be held by real professionals.

So you will not have to worry – just enjoy the festive atmosphere along with everyone else.

The staff will make sure no one is bored.

And if someone a little too much alcohol, start to make too much noise and disturb others, they will politely manage this situation and dozens of others, which inevitably occur during corporate parties.

In addition, they are like true wizards, they can do real miracles. For example – to invite to corporate parties favorite artists known throughout the country. And it’s not easy to do because of their busy schedule, concerts, and a huge number of invitations to other places.