As long as it’s warm outside, you need to take advantage of the moment and relax to the fullest. And you should do it wisely, so you can come back from the picnic without mosquito bites, but full and satisfied.

Holiday picnic is successful because:

  • It is easy to prepare yourself.
  • After a picnic in nature almost no dirty dishes are left: only the ones you cook in, the rest are disposable plates and cups.
  • In nature you do not think about what they say about you at the next table and have a good rest.

To have a great holiday, you need to think in advance where to go, what to take with you and how you plan to relax.

Where to go

For those who have a dacha, this question is almost solved. But what to do if you do not have a country house, but want to relax in nature? To do this you can go to the suburban forests to fairly settled glades to the pond or settle in the park area right in the city. True, if you are going to make a lot of noise, have fun and joking, it is better to go farther away.

What to take with you

Before you go on a trip, make a list of necessary things that you won’t forget anything. First of all, you should take food, drinks and clean water. To ensure that nothing spoils and drinks stay cold, put everything in a thermal bag. Also take gifts or prizes (for the contests) and some fun paraphernalia, like balloons. Don’t forget that you’re not just having a picnic, but an outdoor party.

Second, think about how to equip a place to rest. You will definitely need: a rug for a picnic to have a place to sit and rest, insect repellent so as not to spoil your holiday intrusive mosquitoes and a flashlight if you suddenly will sit up to darkness.

It is also important to create an atmosphere of complete nonchalance, and no one can do it better than a hammock! Going with children, think about them. Set them an inflatable pool. True, if you will be away from the ponds or the hose, the hammock will be useless. So first choose a place – then the pool.

Do not forget that in the park area is not allowed to make an open fire, so you’ll have to take a charcoal grill. Pack it in a special bag for easier transportation. Remember that the barbecue must be at least 30 cm above the grass!

What to occupy yourself with

Any party – it’s not only tasty food, but also entertainment. Therefore, think right away about the entertaining program. Why right away? Because a number of games require some sort of paraphernalia, such as a ball, rackets, etc. These all need to be put on the list, too! So remember what your guests like best and try to offer them games for all tastes.

And don’t forget, for an outdoor party, you need at least some reason. If the birthday is far away, and you want to have fun now, just think of one. It can be even the most ridiculous, like “The day of the last mosquito,” as long as the mood was festive. No matter what they say, but “any holiday is better than the most beautiful weekdays.