It’s time to think about how best to organize a celebration in the office.

Have you ever attended a bad party? Exchange of unnecessary gifts, which then lying forgotten in the drawers of tables, dried up cookies and cheap wine in the conference room, and annoying background pop, preventing people from discussing plans for the holidays. You might think that at least some party is better than nothing, but in fact, a boring, soulless event can do a lot of harm, because it often leaves employees with the impression that their bosses don’t care about them.

But here’s the good news: You don’t have to spend a lot of money and put on a lavish show to please your team at all! All you need is a couple of creative ideas. Here are a few tips for organizing a party that your colleagues will remember with a smile.

Choose the place and time carefully

A Friday night party is not the same as a Tuesday night party. Don’t expect your subordinates to show up to work the next morning awake and full of energy after partying in the middle of the week. And if you decide to go on a binge and celebrate the night, be responsible and arrange for transportation or order a cab, so that all employees can safely go home. It’s also a good idea to take care of the kids so that parents don’t have to hire babysitters or miss the event because they have no one to leave their offspring with.

Well, if your party will be during business hours, try to reduce your work load. Few people will enjoy doing eight hours of work in four hours because there’s a party scheduled in the office after lunch.

Don’t skimp on jewelry

Don’t skimp on decorations because they create a festive atmosphere and lift your spirits. Dim the lights and bring flickering electric fireplaces and battery-operated candles. And don’t forget the music! The better tunes you choose, the more fun your guests will have.

Save the booze for later

Take the whole office to the skating rink, hold contests or a cooking class and have dinner or a buffet with strong drinks afterwards. This will allow those people who are rushing home to young children, or just don’t drink, to participate in the most interesting part of the celebration.

Get involved with charity

Try taking part in a charity event. Make people feel like they’re doing something important instead of just standing around the table with glasses in their hands. And even if you prefer a traditional party with drinks and snacks, you can always organize a toy collection for underprivileged children or a canned food collection for a charity food bank.

Don’t forget about remote workers

Remote work has not only many advantages, but also its disadvantages. Perhaps the main one is the feeling of detachment from the team. It’s not nice to listen to rave reviews about the party, sitting alone in front of your computer. So keep these people in mind when you start budgeting. Send them gifts or gift cards to a nice restaurant. But be sure to consult with your accounting department about tax requirements – so your employees don’t have to pay taxes on gifts.

Thank everyone

Holiday treats are great, but nothing warms up the holidays like sincere words of thanks. Make sure each of your employees receives a gift of appreciation, either from your company leaders or from your immediate supervisor or department head. This can be a gift card, a cash bonus, a small souvenir, or even a card with words about why you value that team member so much.

Don’t insist

After so much effort spent organizing a great party, it can be frustrating if someone doesn’t show up. But under no circumstances should you pressure people or label them. Some have more important commitments, some don’t have kids to leave them with, and some just might not like these kinds of events. And that’s fine! If someone on staff says they can’t make it, just wish them a happy holiday season and leave a small gift or greeting card on their desk.

Holiday event ideas

If you don’t want to limit yourself to a traditional feast and are looking to organize something out of the ordinary, consider the following ideas:

  • Have a holiday movie screening
  • Go to a comedy show
  • Go bowling or skating
  • Host a group cooking class
  • Throw a fundraiser
  • Throw a theme party with traditional entertainment and foods from around the world
  • Have a “sweet treat” where everyone brings their own handmade foods
  • Invite a caricaturist or impersonator, or set up a photo booth in the office
  • Set up poker and blackjack tables, but play for fun instead of money.
  • Play “Guess the Tune” with famous songs