In spring, more than ever, we want to go outdoors, have fun, and celebrate life. Events and parties move smoothly from restaurants and indoor spaces to the outdoors, under the open sky.

If you also have something to celebrate: a birthday, bachelorette party, corporate party or a wedding – we suggest you do it outdoors.

We’ll talk in detail about how to throw a cool outdoor party: from theme to entertainment, from decor to menu, from dress code to table decor.

How to make sure that the outdoor party will not turn into a dull gathering with shish kebabs, but will remain an unforgettable, bright and carefully organized experience for adults and children. Let’s get started!

Party outdoors: What you need to know

A springtime outdoor event is the perfect format for cozy picnics, small weddings, children’s birthdays, corporate parties and get-togethers with friends. Outdoor entertaining can be done in a variety of ways: in the woods, in a botanical park, by a river outside of town, at a remote hotel or at a summer house.

Choose a location that fits the theme of the party. Children’s birthdays are not best spent in the woods – it’s not safe. Fires should not be lit near hotels and restaurants. And romantic events are better organized in beautiful locations outside the home.

Here are a few good ideas for spring parties in nature.

Ideas for a party outdoors

For the event to succeed, it is important to think through the basic details in advance: theme, dress code, menu, decorations. To ensure that the plan does not turn out chaotic, you can organize a themed party. The advantage is that the “core” – the main idea – is already ready, and the other elements of the organization need to string like beads on a thread. Decorations, outfits, food and entertainment are formed based on the chosen theme.

We suggest you dive into the world of themed parties and break down the top 4 best ideas for a springtime outdoor party.

Hawaiian Party

Let’s start with a bright and rousing party in Hawaiian style. The main attributes: fresh flowers, inflatable palms and flamingos, colorful paper garlands, tropical fruits, candles.

Hawaii is associated with a pleasant carefree and hot summer. Try to recreate such an atmosphere at the party. And not only in the decorations, but also in the dress code: a minimum of clothing and maximum comfort. Swimsuits, beachwear, Hawaiian leis – long beads of flowers – and special skirts “hula” – from leaves, ropes or colored ribbons, as well as nautical accessories will do. You don’t need bright makeup, evening dresses, ties and heels at “Hawaii.”

Summer, freedom, simplicity – the basic principles.

Food should also be light – fruit slices, juices, milkshakes, ice cream, mojitos.

A Hawaiian outdoor party will be especially romantic by the water – you can turn on garlands or even build a fire. But the cottage is also a great option, especially if you have a terrace.

Mexican party

A rousing, stylish and colorful Mexican style party. Its advantages are delicious rich food, colorful outfits and an incredible charge of drive. Here you don’t have to be in control and in character – you can party, lose control and dance till you drop.

Mexico – a country of the sun, hot peppers and passionate temperament. This should be reflected in the decorations, dress code, party script and food.

The decoration of the space should be in bright variegated colors: yellow, green, orange, blue. Place small cacti as well as cactus balloons. To decorate the place, use colored paper pom-poms, hanging lanterns, inflatable balloons, banners with images of rousing dancers and Mexican panoramas.

Outfits should also be a riot of color. Men can wear Mexican ponchos, black sombreros, mustaches and cigars. Women can reincarnate as señoritas – the heroines of Mexican soap operas – in long skirts to the floor, striped sundresses and bright sombreros.

The Mexican menu is not the easiest, with lots of stews, plenty of chili peppers, and spicy food. But you can adapt it to suit you and leave only traditional Mexican appetizers – nachos, sauces, sweet peppers, tomatoes – on the table. “Tequila and margaritas are welcome!

Corporate party outdoors in Oscar Hollywood style

If you want to throw a corporate party, we recommend a red carpet style party. This is a nice excuse to dive out of the office outfits, put on elegant dresses and suits, and for one evening reincarnate as gallant ladies and gentlemen.

It’s not necessary to hold such a party in the woods or the park – the best approach is a cottage or country restaurant. In decorations, dress code and even in the menu adhere to the rule: the more elegant, the better! In short: black, silver and gold colors, a red carpet with camera flashes, and for dessert oysters with champagne.

Come up with contests for the guests, and as a reward, give them Oscar statuettes. The impressions of such a gift are priceless.

You can “loosen” the dress code by allowing you to include “casual” elements in your attire: sneakers, colorful accessories.

To keep the impressions of Hollywood corporate party not only in the memory, we recommend to organize a small photo area and hire a professional photographer. The investment will not be in vain!

Outdoor party for children: a pirate party

A treasure hunt, maps with a route, black marks and an atmosphere of adventure. A party in the style of “Pirates of the Caribbean” attracts both children and adults. Such a theme is harmonious for children’s birthday parties.

Decorate the room with balloons with images of pirates, prop weapons, banners from adventure films, sea attributes.

Dress code: pirates and sailors. From Jack Sparrow to seasoned sailor, from fortune teller to Elizabeth Swann, from daring pirate to musketeer. Great to complement the image accessories: pirate triangular hats, daggers, eye patches, false mustaches.

For young pirates, you can use watercolor – draw some scars, circles under the eyes or bright designs on the cheeks.

To entertain children, hire pirate animators – this will ensure the kids’ safety, fun and event scenario, and parents – an opportunity to relax and enjoy the party.

If you celebrate children’s birthday, be sure to order the birthday child a pirate cake – a bright impression is guaranteed!

How to make a party a success: rules and tips

Spontaneous parties are a separate delight, but today we suggest you plan the event and organize the party as carefully as possible. Some practical tips for a successful party.

  • Invite guests in advance. Send out invitations 2-3 weeks before the party, tell the exact date, theme and location. You can create a separate instant messenger chat with the invitees. Let them know if guests are expected to bring their own drinks and if an overnight stay is planned.
  • Include a dress code in the invitation. You can make it more or less strict. We recommend that you provide basic colors or ideas and let your guests use their imaginations.
  • Consider the decor in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy themed balloons and garlands. Take care of the beautiful details at least a few days in advance.
  • Come up with some entertainment. At a minimum, make a music playlist with tracks that match the theme of the party. Hire an animator, DJ or photographer. If desired, prepare contests and gifts for the winners.
  • Prepare for force majeure. If the party will be outdoors, there is a chance that it will start to rain or get chilly. Prepare an awning, plaids or a room in the house with a fireplace and hot tea. Guests will enjoy themselves.
  • Make an area for the children. If there will be little ones at the party, set up a place where they can be comfortably and safely changed and fed.
  • Don’t leave guests hungry. One main course, a salad, appetizers and drinks will be enough. As a last resort, order pizza.
  • Serve the table beautifully and thematically. It’s not just the decorations of the space that are important, but also the table decorations. Buy disposable themed tableware with prints and in the color scheme of your party.

Either way, have fun. No matter what happens, remember that it’s a party, and the goal is to have as much fun and relaxation as possible. Don’t pay attention to minor mishaps.