The tradition of celebration begins with the first day of birth and accompanies us all our lives. It is noteworthy that even with the existing restrictions, no one is going to give up the most beloved holiday of the year. This is evidenced by numerous reviews on well-known news portals.

Why do people celebrate their birthday?

Probably everyone has their own explanation for this tradition. The most likely one: everything changes with the arrival of each new person into this world. And we, family and friends, rejoice in this, we want to emphasize how important it is to us, how much we love and appreciate it.

Sadly, we often reduce the celebration to an ordinary dinner party at home. But every year we change and become different. And it is important to organize a birthday party in such a way that it is not like the previous one.

The difficulty of organizing

Undoubtedly, each time to organize an original party – a task feasible only for professionals. However, even they have a hard time: now there are restrictions for holding mass events. And this is another difficulty, which keeps many people from celebrating.

Indeed, if you decide to order a birthday party at a restaurant, you have to choose a fairly spacious room and limit the guests to 15 people. If you violate these rules, you can attract the attention of the police and pay a decent fine for violating quarantine measures.

A way out of the situation

Of course, health comes first. But if you want to arrange a holiday, it is worth at least consult with experts about its organization. Before you start organizing, you need to know the following:

Private territory – a lifeline

Gatherings in public places, which include clubs and restaurants, are indeed prohibited. However, if the celebration is held on private property (homes, cottages, villas), these restrictions do not apply there. A private property and a public place are legally different.

Mandatory temperature control

Already at the time of sending out the invitations, it is worth asking everyone who has the slightest sign of a cold to refrain from visiting. But before entering, just in case, it is necessary to organize a body temperature control. This is easy to do with special non-contact thermometers.

Do not forget about the antiseptics

It is mandatory to take care of a sufficient amount of antiseptics for all guests, to monitor the regularity of their use.

No to hugs and kisses.

No matter how close and dear to you person, try to refrain from hugs and kisses.

Social Distance

When arranging tables and chairs, try to put enough distance between guests. This will not only reduce the likelihood of getting infected, but also increase the comfort of the guests.

How to order the service for a birthday party in our time with precautions and safety?

Of course, you can wait until the quarantine is over. But this can take many more months. And you can trust the organization of the birthday banquet to specialists in their business from the event-agency. Why?

  • Here you will be offered the most original ideas, scripts.
  • Find a suitable venue, without the risk of breaking the law.
  • Even for small companies, specialists will organize a bright, unforgettable show.
  • Already in the planning stage will include absolutely all precautions that will protect you and all invitees from possible contamination. Even if it is a big corporate party on the anniversary of the head of the company with many guests.
  • This will be a holiday that everyone will remember for a long time!

Thus, it is not necessary to wait for the end of the period of restrictive measures: enjoy the holiday, gifts and attention of relatives can be today! At the same time not to worry about the health and safety of the party participants.