Only at first glance it may seem that the organization of the event by the professionals of the event-agency is a completely unnecessary service, without which you can easily do without.

Indeed, if you have planned a significant event, an important holiday, you can organize it yourself. But just to celebrate it perfectly and brightly, to leave a warm, pleasant impression, in such cases it turns out not always. And the result can be dissatisfied not only with the guests, but also the one who is guilty of celebration.

Such teams of agencies are ready to share the main mistakes made by organizers of such holidays, without the necessary training and experience. They spoil the overall atmosphere of the holiday and the impression, which means that in no case you should not make them in the organization of the holiday.

Do not ignore the plan.

Our team with full confidence states that if there is no plan, then you initially engaged in a failed celebration. When drawing up a plan, we strongly recommend to take into account the number of guests, wishes of the hero of the occasion, his preferences and make a detailed plan of the event, write competitions, show programs, surprises.

In this case it is very important to understand how long the selected contests and congratulatory part, otherwise after a bright and very fast start, most guests will simply get bored at the table or gather in small companies to talk to each other. It is extremely important that every invited guest feel comfortable and at ease.

Hire a host

If you are planning a large event, where the number of people will be more than 15 people – you need to hire a leader or Toastmasters. Do not let things drift, because very quickly the holiday will turn into an uncontrollable showdown.

The agency will always be able to pick up such a master of ceremonies, which can create a real atmosphere of fun, laughter and surprises, given the status of the planned celebration and preferences of invited guests. At the same time no one will get bored even for a few minutes.

Invite a photographer and videographer

If you want to leave pleasant memories of the holiday, it’s worth inviting a professional photographer and / or videographer. Do not rely on amateur photos of guests, as very often it turns out that they did not shoot you, and in the frame was the floor, ceiling, walls, in general, everything, but not you.

Only a professional photographer will tell you the right way to stand, smile and where to tilt your head, taking into account the lighting, so that the result is truly stunning and brings only pleasant memories.
Study your audience

It’s important to study your audience. You can’t plan a program, a joke, a script if you don’t know who it is for. This is especially important if you need to organize corporate events, as the relevance of jokes, contests and general themes of the holiday should correspond directly to the interests and preferences of invited guests.

Choose the right location

Pay attention to the place for the party. It should be optimal for your number of guests, have a comfortable location. If necessary, it can be further decorated in the desired theme.

The right place is the key to a successful holiday. When choosing a restaurant, cafe or any other establishment on your own, there is always a risk to miss important details because of which the celebration will be spoiled. For example, for beautiful pictures we can offer a beautiful themed photo area, and for the competitions you need enough space, which then you may not have.

Prepared professionals in our agency know how to highlight the important details and always take into account all possible options for the development of events, so that the participants were not only fun, but also as comfortable as possible.

Do not use templates

Many programs for weddings, corporate parties or team building events are already boring. Try to get away from the clichés and find something fresh and original to breathe life into the classic jokes and contests.

Creative approach and creativity will always please the guests and make the party much brighter. And for such ideas you always need a lot of free time and a really creative approach to your favorite business. That is why our agency organizes holidays at the highest level and always remembered by the bright positive emotions for each guest.

However, even a small company of active friends or colleagues should take care of a professional organization of the celebration. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the meeting, not only the guests, but also the hero of the occasion.