You don’t have to go to a bar or club to throw the party of the year. A vacant house or apartment can turn into a holiday area with only your favorite cocktails, music and, of course, people. Hosting a home party for the first time? Read our tips and tricks!

Beautiful, young, hot

Good music, great food, and top-notch alcohol don’t always make for a terrific party. The most important thing at a party is the people. Invite a couple of people who know how to create a fun and carefree atmosphere in any situation. If these aren’t among your friends, feel free to invite indirect acquaintances. New faces liven up the company and spark interest. These people will be impromptu MCs instead of you. Don’t take all the cares – have as much fun as anyone else, because it’s your party.

Don’t invite acquaintances who found out about the party being prepared just because they are now uncomfortable to say no. Forget about invitations out of pity. Just pretend they didn’t all pass the face control.


It is optimal to choose two or three kinds of alcohol. One lighter, like wine, and one or two stronger ones, like whiskey and tequila. Those who don’t drink much will opt for wine. The rest can try many cocktails of different strengths or drink alcohol pure – whoever is able. Make lots of ice, buy lime, mint, syrups and other ingredients for cocktails – the more the better. Arrange in advance with a friend who knows how to handle a shaker – the bartender at the party is another indispensable person. And remember the non-drinkers: Order them, for example, a delicious homemade lemonade and freshly squeezed juice. Let them see that you thought of them too, and not just poured into the glasses of “coke”, which has not yet had time to dilute the whiskey.

Not on an empty stomach

Don’t spend a lot of time cooking. After all, this isn’t a dinner party, it’s a party. Make tartlets, for example, cut up cheese and fruit, stock up on snacks, and order the rest at home: sushi, pizza, or Wok boxes. Think about all your guests, maybe some of them are vegan. He’ll be pleased if you treat him to a soy-based delicacy. The main rules in planning a menu for a party and serving it are plenty, delicious, and in small bites.

Music and entertainment

Make a playlist of dance music and dilute it with a few lounge tracks. If you include at least one of each of your main guests’ favorite songs, they will enjoy themselves. Make sure you have good sound. If necessary, borrow equipment from someone you know. Do you know a DJ? He should be first on the guest list! Do you want to entertain your guests with games? Choose ones that are light, funny and even silly. This is a good way to relax and warm up your friends before dancing. Play on a dare, make up rules as you go and make a video about it.

Two weeks before the party

When deciding on a date for your party, focus on your main guests, the ones you can’t imagine your party without. Invite them over about two weeks in advance so the person doesn’t have time to make plans for the weekend. By the time the date approaches, remind them that you’re expecting them.

If you really want to invite a certain person, and he was not in the mood to have fun – depressed, suffering from allergies or figuring out a relationship with his ex, it is better not to pull his legs. First, the guest will feel out of place, and secondly, it can spoil the mood of the others and your party will fail.

The day before the party

Hide any items that could shatter: your favorite vase, baby awards, and appliances you won’t need at the party. Free up hangers in the hallway for outerwear and shoes (if you do make guests take their shoes off). Lock up valuables – you’re likely to have a few unfamiliar people over that night, it’s best to be on the safe side. Stock up on tissues, paper towels, garbage bags and disposable tableware: choose large paper or plastic glasses to fill them only halfway – less chance that guests will spill their drinks when they are dancing. Prepare a first aid kit. Someone may need activated charcoal, panthenol, or ammonia.

Create a relaxing atmosphere, such as adding lights – LED lights or neon lights. Perhaps you’ve long wanted a smart light with adjustable color and brightness. Buy Bengal lights or methaphane crackers for great photos.

Don’t puck me up from the party

If one of your friends has had too much to drink, call a cab. He’ll resist, but the next morning he’ll probably thank you. Try to make sure there are no conflicts at the party. Unless, of course, you think a party without a fight is not a party.

If you feel that the party is coming to its logical conclusion, and the guests are in no hurry to leave, you can tell them – start cleaning, or even better ask a friend to help you. The rest will be gone in no time.